favicon Have you ever been flooded out?
favicon Do you pay high water bills and don’t know why?
favicon Do you pay for water leaks you don’t know about?
favicon Are your water supplies in the ground and wall under your control?
favicon Do you know what a leaky toilet or faucet could result in?
favicon Has the hose from your toilet, faucet, washing machine, etc. ever burst?
favicon Has your bathtub overflowed, have you or your children failed to close a faucet properly?
favicon Would you like to have peace of mind, with your consumption and water flow under control online?

Introducing the eVodník® system

eVodník® is a Czech electronic device designed to automatically eliminate the aforementioned problems and many other possible ones in the water pipes and devices connected to them in flats, houses, commercial premises, office buildings, archives, studios, data centres, educational, social and medical facilities, sub-areas, and wherever you would not want water to damage/destroy your property and cause a hole in your wallet due to unwanted water “consumption”.

eVodník® protects your property 24/7/365 against flooding

eVodník® eliminates water leaks you do not know about but still pay for

eVodník® can communicate with your Electronic Security System (ESS)

eVodník®  monitors and reports the water consumption in your building online

eVodník®  immediately informs you about actions taken to prevent water damage via e-mail and SMS

eVodník® uses its own original VTS web application for water management


Automatic shut off the water supply if there is unwanted water leak or an accident in the water piping.


Detailed overview of the water consumption and its cost in real time. All of this online in your PC, laptop or mobile phone.


User management system via the Internet, including controlling, configuring and monitoring of devices by authorized persons.


The system alerts users to variations in water consumption compared to common consumption by sending warning e-mails and SMS.

Thanks to the connection with our original software, eVodník® can identify and report in detail your water consumption.

eVodník® is able to control the water consumption and, in the event of water piping disturbances, the water supply is automatically closed.

eVodník® thus prevents any accidents, unwanted water leaks and resulting financial damage.

eVodník® is the original Czech product!

eVodník® assemblies and their designation

eVodník® HOME eVodník® BUSSINES
flats, houses, cottages commercial premises, office buildings, kindergartens, schools, social and health facilities, studios, museums, archives, data centres, industry and many other entities

eVodník® Tariffs of Remote Technical Management (VTS)

tariff consumption history email alerts SMS notification monthly reports data exports
eVodník® BASIC  one month  no  no  no  no
eVodník® STANDARD  three months  yes  no  no  no
eVodník® COMFORT  one year  yes  yes  no  no
eVodník® PREMIUM   unlimited  yes  yes  yes  yes

All tariffs allow full remote management of the equipment

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