We’re working on it, but at the moment this is not possible. In the Czech Republic the grants are provided only for spectacular projects relating mainly to energy and heat. The drinking water management is somewhat on the periphery, although it has recently been slowly changing, at least talks in political circles have begun on these options.

For the time being, projects are rather devised which would concern the existing grants. For example, recently a project has been mentioned with the rainwater storage tanks to be installed by house owners in their gardens and such water would be used for flushing toilets, watering gardens, etc. instead of drinking water.

But what will become of these tanks during the days when there is no rain water, we have no idea. How people not living in family houses make use of this “grant” opportunity, you can judge for yourself.

We are currently negotiating with two companies that have expressed interest in including the eVodník system as a discount off the premiums they charge and the insurance indemnity itself.

The eVodník system can be purchased from Unisavers s.r.o. Just send an inquiry via our web form, describing what you are looking for and where you plan to use the eVodník system and our people will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss all the details of a comprehensive supply of the eVodník system. 

Yes. We will install the eVodník system anywhere in the Czech Republic. 

Yes, it is no problem if you are a plumber, an able handyman or have a bona fide plumbing business. But in such case, think beforehand about whom to entrust the installation of the eVodník system to. The eVodník system is safety equipment and a poor installation can result in more harm than good.

The installation of the water main portion of the eVodník system is very flexible and can be individually adapted to suit a location that may at first sight seem unsuitable.

It usually requires about 50 cm for apartments, houses, holiday homes, smaller establishments, etc. For larger premises, an adequate pulse water meter and shut-off valve need to be used, so the location and space need to be somewhat bigger.

The increase, however, is nothing dramatic, and to give an idea of the requirement, about 1 m of space in the water main is necessary in order to install the eVodník system in DN 50 piping. These are installations for large schools, office buildings and similar premises. In most cases, however, the sizes of the components used for the water main part of the eVodník system are smaller.

During a power outage, the eVodník system does not provide its protective feature while electricity is interrupted. It still continues to measure the consumption of water, and after power is restored the eVodník system automatically goes back into standby with the settings it had before the loss of power. It is therefore not necessary to pay any special attention to the eVodník system in such case.

In the event of interest and the request is made, an optional device can be delivered that automatically closes the water supply valve during a power outage, thereby limiting the possibility that water is consumed during this period. After power is restored, the valve will open automatically and the eVodník system will operate as for the type described above.

We do not recommend, however, this version of the eVodník system for a simple reason. You do not always need electrical power for its operation, whereas you can use water for cooking, hygiene and other activities even without electricity, which in this case would not be possible.

The eVodník system is equipped with an electric cord to be simply plugged into an electrical outlet just like your TV or other electrical appliances.

We provide a 2-year warranty with the eVodník system according to the law of the Czech Republic.

Somewhat advanced users of the Internet are able to connect the eVodník system by themselves according to the instructions. For anyone not able to manage alone, we will connect the eVodník system together to the network going step by step. So there is no reason to worry about initially connecting the eVodník system to the network. 

Yes. The eVodník system with Internet connectivity gets a completely different dimension. The Remote Management Application (VTS) allows a complete management of your equipment.

By applying the VTS you have a detailed overview of the water consumption, the events, the current state of the eVodník system and much more.

No. No remote control application is installed on your computer, tablet or smart phone. The remote control application is on-line and allows the user to access the eVodník system through a web interface similar to an email box familiar for providers of these services.

For those who require multiple secure access to the eVodník system, a verification service via SMS to a phone number entered by the user is available.

You can therefore monitor and control the eVodník system while at the other end of the world.

ON-LINE in the case of the eVodník system always means being aware of your water consumption at any time, in real time, unlike equipment that also make an on-line presentation, but only with regards to information available through the Internet that has nothing to do with the situation just then relevant in real time. 

The eVodník system requires no special maintenance. Even though the eVodník system performs an independent self-test according to the settings, it is good from time to time to perform your own simple visual test that the system is working by performing the TEST feature according to the instructions, unless of course the eVodník system has activated in your building due to an emergency, resulting in the water supply being cut off.  This test will take no more than a minute of your time. 

No, it does not. The eVodník system continues to protect your premises in this event. You will not notice the Internet outage or a drop in Wi-Fi connected to your eVodník system only through the Internet.

The failure of the Internet or Wi-Fi signal causes no loss in your data. You will lose no data about your consumption during the time of the outage. Once the connection is restored, the eVodník unit will send data to the server just as it occurred at any given time of water consumption.

In such a case, you’ll need to “tell” this data to your eVodník system according to the instructions, as it would connect to a non-existent network and would not be visible in VTS online. Therefore, do not forget about other devices in your own network in such cases.

The Remote Management Application (VTS) is a web-based application. The management and control of the eVodník system works on all devices, so it is not necessary to install any management and control software into your equipment.