Water pipes, appliances and devices connected to them are a Trojan horse of all buildings, old and new ones, making no difference between them. The water distribution system contains pressure, which is constantly changing due to changes in water and ambient temperature, changing water take-off in buildings, and not only that.

This puts high demands on the quality of the materials used in the construction and maintenance of water distribution systems, as well as on the quality of work performed and subsequently on the quality of the connected appliances and equipment. Not everything is perfect and therefore we can see every day the damage to property cause by “untamed” water. And it’s not just the physical damage to the property itself.

Damages in the hundreds of thousands are common when water drains unnoticed into the sewer through leaky toilets, leaking or unsealed faucets (carelessness and intentional), safety valves draining into waste lines, invisible leakages in water mains that allow water to seep into the ground and no one notices anything for months (or can notice) until the bill comes, at which time it’s good to have a doctor nearby.

A real example - leaking toilet (commercial building)

Water leakage in the volume and speed of 5 l of water/ min = 0.08 1/s = 300 l/h = 7 m3/24h.

day CZK 595 7 000 l
week CZK 4 165 49 000 l
month CZK 17 850 210 000 l
year CZK 214 200 2,52 mil. l

Do you feel it is too much? Let us reduce water leakage by half – 0.04 l/s and count.

day CZK 297,5 3 500 l
week CZK 2 082,5 24 500 l
month CZK 8 925 105 000 l
year CZK 107 100 1,26 mil. l

Still too much? Hard to believe? Let us therefore go to almost zero flow rate – 0.02 l/s.

day CZK 148,8 1 750 l
week CZK 1 041,2 12 250 l
month CZK 4 462,5 52 500 l
year CZK 53 550 630 000 l

For idea: 2,520,000 litres of water represent a full pool of water 50x25x2 meters!

The price of water in the region amounts to CZK 85/m3 cold water (2016).

The only toilet and almost invisible leak! And the other cases? Accidents? Negligence? Intention?

Therefore we developed and successfully introduced the Czech eVodník® system, which aims to protect your property from damage/destruction with water and your wallet from unnecessary payments to be “consuming” unused water.

eVodník® is an electronic automatic 24/7 property protection against flooding and water leaks from water pipes and all appliances and equipment connected to the water mains. In addition, the users are informed via Internet in detail about water consumption and costs.

eVodník® uses wireless Wi-Fi Internet connection for communication, setting, control and monitoring from anywhere in the world by authorized users who are introduced into the remote administration system (VTS).

eVodník® informs the user online in real time of the amount of water flowing through the system at a given time, and shows the costs of such consumption per minute, hourly, daily, monthly. An eVodník® system user has an instant overview of the current and constant prices for consumed water in time and is not subsequently “shocked” with the amount of annual billing.  The data on consumption levels, prices, settings, etc. can be easily exported to PDF, XML and CSV files from the remote administration system and further processed in the custom databases.

24/7 protection
remote management
online consumption
water costs

The very monitoring of your own water consumption in time provides the eVodník® system user with a powerful tool to take proper austerity measures and possible change of habits arising from ignorance of water consumption over time.

The eVodník® system user does not pay for “consumed” water in the sewage from flowing toilets, dripping taps, safety valves drained in the waste and water leaks they even do not know about.

Water mains are located in the ground, in walls, and under floors, and even here water leaks occur that are often unnoticed visibly and the property owner pays for this “consumption” of water as if it was normal. A remote management system reveals this “consumption” and eVodník® automatically prevents it by closing off the water supply to the property.

WiFi connection
event history
data export
Czech product

By deploying the eVodník® system, the user knows the status of the entire water network and how to manage the water supply. Only with such accurate information and proper measures will the user obtain the desired cost savings. In a civilized society there’s no need to talk about environmental behaviour and managing water, the source of life on Earth. It’s the obvious commitment and responsibility of every individual and entity for future generations.

What eVodník protects?

Housing units
holiday homes
kindergartens, schools
archives, museums
office buildings
hospitals and medical facilities
industrial buildings, data centres
and many more...