Selected customer referrals

We purchased the eVodník®   system to keep track of the water consumption and prevent water leaks and possible damage if an accident occurs in the water pipes.   We want to conserve water and we do not want to pay for unused water that is gone in sewers in the form of all sorts of invisible leaks. For initial testing, we secured the riser for a girls’ restroom with the eVodník®   system.

During familiarization with the eVodník®   system control, attended by a representative of Unisavers s.r.o., the water supply was closed twice. It all happened during a lesson, so there was no reason for the high water consumption in toilets. After the second closure of the water supply, we carried out a physical inspection of the toilet and found that one toilet showed jammed flushing button and water was flowing through. Without the eVodník® system, thousand litres of water would thus flow out along with money straight into the sewer.

I cannot imagine that it would happen in more toilets or other places in such a large building as our school is. Thus, we have an immediate overview of the water consumption and the peace of mind that if a problem occurs, the water will be closed and we will instantly be notified of it through e-mail and SMS.

I can recommend the eVodník®  system.

Mgr. David Jalový,
Principal of Elementary School at Slovanské náměstí 2, Brno

Based on my experience I can say that the eVodník® system works perfectly.  It records flowing or jammed toilets and brings savings. Just at Christmas we had the case when it helped a lot.

On Christmas Eve, at about three o’clock I received an e-mail that the water supply in the building was closed. I looked at the water consumption chart and I acknowledged that there was something wrong. After the holidays, I went to work early in the morning to check the building and it turned out that the problem was at the urinal and that without the intervention of eVodník®, water would flood the toilets and by extension the entire office building.

Best regards
Martin Kalianko (EGÚ Brno)

I must highly commend your eVodník® system as it halted the water mains about 7 times yesterday and everyone at home stoned me to throw it away before going to check where the water flows. The garden valve was not properly closed, so if there was no eVodník® system, water would flow all night, and because it’s raining here, no one would go to the garden valve for the next two days and we would have a pond in the garden. Not mentioning the “consumed” water, which would have to be paid for uselessly.

Ing. Petr Ziegler
Head of the Assembly Centre of RD Rýmařov construction company

On May 4, 2016, I received a bill for water and sewage, and my expectations of overpayment were frozen with the amount I had to pay. Our long-term daily water consumption over the past years has always been about 0.5 m3/day. During the last season billed it increased to menacing about 1.5 m3. I checked that the fault was with the supplier (billing, faulty water meter). By examining the entire water system in the house, I found that this was caused undoubtedly by a long-term leaking toilet at my grandmother, which nobody found out. The financial loss was CZK 30,000.

I therefore decided that it cannot repeat, as well as the risk of rupture of the water supply to washing machines, dishwashers, toilets or water supply itself.

Based on a phone conversation with the managing director of Unisavers s.r.o. Mr. Pavel Hloušek I ordered the installation of eVodník® to have confidence for the future that such a thing or even worse one, no longer happens to us.

Jiří Hermany,
Brno, court expert in the field of building construction

During the Christmas holidays, a breakdown of the water distribution system in the ground occurred in our area. A feeding tube burst so that water was drained directly into the sewer system. When we arrived after the Christmas holidays to the area and checked the water readings, I almost had a heart attack. 7,000 m3 of water flowed into the sewer, loss of a half million for the “consumed” water.

I immediately looked for a solution that would prevent such and other cases in the future, and I discovered the Czech eVodník® system. I contacted Unisavers s.r.o., agreed on an inspection in the site by a company and representative now I have a restful sleep and information about water in our area, like on a platter, the eVodník® system protects us. 

A negligible investment in comparison with the occurred damage that could recur in the future.

I recommend.

J. D.,
the Ostrava region

A failure of the irrigation system caused the system was constantly filling the retention basin, which nobody noticed until a smaller pond was created in the city park. About 12,000 cubic meters of water flowed into the ground in this way. When we were looking for a way to avoid this, we found a solution offered by Unisavers s.r.o. with their eVodník® system.

Currently, the eVodník® system protects the irrigation circuit and we feel comfortable that if an accident occurred on the irrigation, the water supply automatically closes and we will know that instantly via e-mail and SMS. As a bonus, we have a detailed overview of the water consumption at any time.

Deputy Municipal Office of the City of Brno,
ing. J. M.

Our request to install the eVodník®  system arose due to the costs of scientific instruments (e.g. set of 4 microscopes in two rooms at the costs of about CZK 40 million. In the past, we had several flooding events from ruptured water tubing and considerable damage (four insurance events amounting to approximately CZK 1 million).

We have installed the eVodník® equipment on 10 separate risers and we are very satisfied. eVodník® works reliably, about once a week it closes water because of failures to properly close a faucet, turn off the water cooling, etc.

eVodník® provides the overall comfort thanks to the PC control via the Internet, where you can easily set things up. With this application, we have accomplished a detailed overview of the water consumption in every riser.

The eVodník® system is recommended.

Ing. Petr Nový
Head of THS, Institute of Experimental Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v. v. i.